Display of archaeological finds from the Lochwood Estate

In 2016 the remains of a 200 year old cottage, farm buildings and over 1,000 objects were discovered during an archaeological excavation as part of the construction of the new Oakdale South Industrial Estate, just 25 km east of Penrith.

Penrith City Library is hosting a display of a small selection of the 1,000 objects found during the excavation that had been left behind by the many people who had lived on the property. As well as farm and building items, such as nails, bricks and horseshoes, the excavation uncovered personal and household items, such as a brooch, beads, pins, a thimble, a toothbrush handle, marbles, coins, clay smoking pipes, ceramic and glass fragments, and slate writing board fragments and ink wells. The archaeological remains and artefacts from the Lochwood Estate have been assessed as being of ‘State significance’ in demonstrating the daily life and economy of the earliest colonial settlers in rural areas of NSW.

The display has been developed by Artefact Heritage, and kindly sponsored by Goodman.


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