WW1 Penrith District Returned Servicemen

Biographies for these soldiers are gradually being added to the website. This information is compiled from the above sources as well as family members.
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SoldierNo.Rank & RegimentBorn-Died
Arrowsmith, LambertN87977Lance Corporal – F Company1899-
Ausburn, Albert Charles703Private – 36th Bn1895 –
Beresford, Frederick John5553Private – 18th Bn1891-1960
Besley, Stanley George66091Private – General Service 4th Bn1889-1950
Boots, Edward James2745Second-Corporal – 7th Field Coy, Engineers1893 –
Burke, Frank1665Sergeant – 19th Bn1888-1976
Burrows, George2021Lieutenant – 5th Division Engineers1890-1984
Collum, Robert Alfred522Trooper – 7th Light Horse Reg.1893-1974
Crothers, Cecil JamesNo active service – Enlisted 9/9/19181900-1963
Dukes, Cecil Mervyn340Private – 4th Bn1892-1938
Evans, Sydney Albert2173ATrooper – 2nd Light Horse/Camel Field Ambulance1888-1959
Field, Bertie Charles2820Gunner – 3rd Bn1893-1973
Field, Ernest George11062Gunner – 13th Field Artillery1891
Freeburn, Victor Charles MSM192Quarter-Master Sergeant – 7th Light Horse1887-1970
Gibson, Arthur James2111Private- 1st Pioneer devision, 3rd Reinforcements, 8th Bn.1895 –
Gibson, Robert Roy59967Private – 56th Bn1898-
Hadley, Cecil Robertson89901Private – F Company recruits at Liverpool1900-
Hair, George Albert66712Private – 22nd General Service1899-1966
Hand, Edward Ambrose892792nd Airman – Aust. Flying Corps Depot1898-
Harvey, Alfred William66717Private – 22nd General Service1900-1964
Hogbin, Herbert59746Private – Aust. Army Medical corps1880-
Jones, Walter B W83328Sapper – Engineers 2nd Infantry Bn1893-
Milton, Roy Hamilton92925Trooper – No assignment – in camp 19181894-
Mitchell, Albert Arthur 60253Private – composite battalion1892-1974
Mitchell, George Henry1183Gunner – 5th Field Artillery Battalion1891-1976
Pugh, Richard Thomas238Sergeant – 44th Battalion, 11th Infantry Brigade1894-
Sainsbury, Cyril Ernest60284Private – 1st Bn, A Company Composite1898-
Setchell, Arthur William66064Private – 4th Bn, 19th General Service1883-1936
Squires, Reginald 67696Private – 26th General Service1900-
Turner, James William 1337Trooper – 12th Light Horse 1915 – Rejoined 1918 into 5th General Service in Egypt1895-
Wilkinson, John Augustus 88341Trooper – Z Co Composite, General Services E Co Australian Light Horse1884-