Cambridge Gardens

Location: Where is Cambridge Gardens?
Cambridge Gardens, New South Wales Australia, is located within the City of Penrith. Cambridge Gardens is a small residential suburb north of Cambridge Park with the busy arterial Northern Road its western boundary. Werrington Downs lies along its eastern border and the extensive unoccupied ADI (Australian Defence Industries) site to its north.

33 43′ S 150 43′ E


Postcode: 2747 Population: 2,014 (2016 Census) Distance from Sydney: 53.5 kms W
Area: 0.74 km2 or 74 hectares Density: 28.09 persons per hectare Cambridge Gardens NSW on Google Maps


Government Electorates

Local Government: Cambridge Gardens is located in North Ward of the Penrith Local Government area. These details will remain current until Local Government elections in 2012

State Government: Cambridge Gardens is located in the State Government Electorate of Londonderry. Next elections are scheduled for March 2015.
Federal Government: Cambridge Gardens is located in the Federal Government Electorate of Lindsay. Next elections will be held in 2013.
Aboriginal Districts: Cambridge Gardens is located in the Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Council Area. Next elections will be held in 2011


Historical Profile

Origin of the place name – Cambridge Gardens

Cambridge Gardens is part of Phillip Parker King’s 1831 land grant, St Stephens. Cambridge Park estate was subdivided in the 1880s. Cambridge Gardens was gazetted a neighbourhood of Cambridge Park in 1981, three years after a second primary school had been opened in the area and named Cambridge Gardens School.

Historical Timeline

1822Phillip Parker King received a Ticket of Occupation over most of the 3000 acres reserved as a common for local farmers
1831Phillip Parker King received a 1500 acre grant and named it St Stephens
1884DecemberCambridge Park estate was subdivided into farmlets
1981Subdivision known as Cambridge Gardens was gazetted as a neighbourhood of Cambridge Park
198821 SeptemberCentenary celebrations of Cambridge Gardens School


For photos and more information on Cambridge Gardens, search Penrith City Library’s catalogue using an All Resources search.


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