Local Government Pictorial Timeline


1843 Penrith District Council formed.
1871 13th May Penrith Proclaimed a Municipality, James John Riley was elected the first Mayor
1881 Council Chambers - Henry and Evan StsFirst Council Chambers erected on the corner of Henry & Evan Streets, architect David McBeath
4th March
St Marys proclaimed a Municipality
30th April
Foundation stone laid for Electric light Station.
5th May
Electricity generating plant came into use
26th July
Mulgoa proclaimed a Municipality, Arthur Winborn Stephen was elected the first Mayor
9th September
Castlereagh proclaimed a Municipality, A L Hough was elected Mayor
1926 Old Council ChambersOld Council Chambers: photo shows Clyde Mitchell leaning on back of truck, to the right are Bert Field (deputy town clerk) and Ern Orth (town clerk). Joe Elliot (health inspector) on the white horse. Penrith Council had a truck similar to this one which was owned by Main Roads Board until about 1940. Jim Buckley (Heather Corr’s grandfather) drove the truck
19th February
Penrith Council ceased to generate its own electricity – an end of over 40 years of power generation in Penrith
6th May
Library School of ArtsOpening of Penrith Council’s free Library in the School of the Arts, Margaret Kinsella was librarian.
1952 Council officesAdditional council Office buildings, this building was relocated to land next to Penrith Council Chambers. The building was originally used to house aboriginal children from Darwin in WW2, out near St Thomas’ Church at Mulgoa. The right hand side of the building was used for general offices, and left hand side was the Town Clerk’s office.

Another secondhand building was erected at rear of this building a little later. Used by engineers dept. At the rear of these buildings were some open type sheds used for mechanical repairs of trucks, graders etc.

10th November
Council ChambersLast Meeting held in the Council Chambers located at Evan and Henry Streets Penrith.
24th November
New Council Chambers - Station and Henry Sts 1959First Meeting held in the then new Council Chambers located at Station and Henry Streets Penrith.
1959Chambers.jpg (4312 bytes)
14th November
Penrith proclaimed a City.
25th October
Emu Plains transferred from Blue Mountains City Council to Penrith City Council.
6th March
libraryEvan.jpg (5776 bytes) The ‘New’ Penrith City Council Library opened on the corner of Henry and Evan Streets, by the Hon E Wetherell, Minister for education.
1981 admin.jpg (4469 bytes)Penrith Council Administration Centre in Henry Street opposite the TAFE opened to provide temporary additional accommodation until the Civic Centre was built, this building closed in December 1993.
1984 Civic1985.jpg (5474 bytes)The old RAAF Barracks site was purchased by the council for $1.725 million to build a new Civic Centre incorporating the Chambers administrative centre and library, pictured is the site before construction starts.
Construction of new Civic CentreConstruction of the new Civic Centre started.
7th December
CivicPic.JPG (5544 bytes)Civic Centre opened for business, except for the library which opened on the 8th January 1994.More information on the Civic Centre
CivicChamb.jpg (3343 bytes)Chambers located on the first floor of the Civic Centre were used for the first time.