1832 NSW Post Ofice Directory

The New South Wales Calendar and General Post Office Directory 1832

Penrith & St Marys district people

Allen, Andrew Bailey Park, Penrith
Badgery, Mrs South Creek, Penrith
Badgery, Andrew South Creek, Penrith
Badgery, William South Creek, Penrith
Bailey, Henry Bailey Park, Penrith
Blackman, James, Junior Castlereagh, Penrith
Blackman, John Publican, Penrith
Blackett, James Bungarrabee, Penrith
Collitt, John Penrith
Cox, George Magistrate, Wimbourne, Penrith
Cox, Edward Fern Hill, Penrith
Cox, Henry Glenmore, Penrith
Dawes, Samuel South Creek, Penrith
Deane, William Innkeeper, South Creek
Field, T Castlereagh, Penrith
Fisher, William South Creek, Penrith
Fraser, Alexander Deputy Postmaster, Clerk to the bench, Castlereagh, Penrith
Fulton, Rev H Castlereagh, Penrith
Fulton, John Castlereagh, Penrith
Harris, John Magistrate, Shene’s Park, Penrith
Hobby, Thomas Croft Cottage, Penrith
Jamison, Sir John Magistrate, George St Sydney, Regentville, Penrith
Jelf, George Mulgoa, Penrith
Kennedy, Daniel Penrith
King, Mrs P.G South Creek, Penrith
McCarthy, James Penrith
McHenry, John Magistrate, Penrith
Marsden, Charles Mamre Plains, Penrith
Maxwell, John Emu Plains, Penrith
Norton, Nicholas Fairlight, Penrith
Pringle, Charles Castlereagh
Proctor, John Penrith
Purcell, John Chief Constable, Penrith
Riske, Joseph Penrith
Savage, G.T Magistrate, Claremont, Penrith
Single, John Castlereagh, Penrith
Smith, James Emu Plains, Penrith
Swan, W South Creek, Penrith
Tindall, J.W Hornsey Wood, Penrith
Tompson, Charles Clydesdale, Penrith
Wall, C.W. Magistrate, Wallgrove, Penrith
Wright, Thomas Magistrate, Superintendent, Emu Plains, Penrith