Self-guided audio tour of the Creative Embroiderers’ textile wall hangings

OPUS Click

The OPUS Click handset.


The Acoustiguide system consists of 5 OPUS Click handsets . The handsets are only available at Penrith Library and can be requested at the service desk.


The audio commentaryt is given by Mavis Reynolds, founder and Director of the Foundation for Creative Enterprises.


The tour takes in the following embroideries:

Not Just Stitches                                   Corridor near the Customer Experience Centre on the                                                                  ground floor of the Civic Centre

Flora and Fauna of the Cumberland Plain       North wall of the Upper Lounge area in                                                                             Penrith Library

Birds of the Waterways                        North wall of the Upper Lounge area in Penrith                                                                             Library

Resonances of Inspiration                    Currently not on display

River, Mountains, Lakes                       West wall of the Council “horseshoe” area, ground                                                                          floor of the Civic Centre

If These Lakes Could Speak                  West wall of the Nepean Room, Level 2 of the Civic                                                                          Centre

Important Notes

  • The full tour can only be undertaken during Council and Library open hours i.e. 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.
  • Should you wish to use the audio tour when the Civic Centre is not open to the public, you can only view the embroideries hanging in the Library.
  • If the Nepean Room is in use for a meeting or event, you will not be able to view If These Lakes Could Speak.
  • Resonances of Inspiration is currently not available to view.

Stops on the tour:

  1. Introduction to the Creative Embroiderers
  2. Not Just Stitches panel 1: Before colonisation
    (Located in the corridor leading to the Jane Street exit)
  3. Panel 2: Early colonial period
  4. Panel 3: Early pioneers
  5. Panel 4: Margot Lewers’ screen print
  6. Panel 5: Education of children
  7. Panel 6: What women have done
  8. Panel 7: Modern woman
  9. Flora and Fauna of the Cumberland Plain (Penrith Library)
  10. Resonances of Inspiration—Detail of the frieze (not available to view)
  11. Resonances of Inspiration (not available to view)
  12. River, Mountains, Lakes (Located in the Council foyer)
  13. If these Lakes could Speak (Located in the Nepean Room, Level 2)
  14. Birds of the waterways: Migratory birds (Located in Penrith Library)
  15. Birds of the Waterways: Local birds (Located in Penrith Library)

The tour can be undertaken in any order.