The Makings of a City History Conference 2004

Foundations of a Settlement

Presented by Penrith City Council and Library Saturday 27 March 2004

The 2004 Makings of a City History Conference focused on the foundations leading to the settlement and growth of Penrith and St Marys. A range of topics were explored by the speakers including:

Lorraine Stacker: Introduction and Welcome

Dr Carol Liston who provided details of the development of transportation links between Penrith and other early settlements. Carol focused on the early tracks which ran in a north/south direction rather than the relatively late development of the east/west link the Great Western Road.

Linda Emery, a local and family historian provided an interesting insight into the life and times of the Reverend Samuel Marsden who received his land grant in 1804, 200 years ago.

Colin Stevenson will take conference participants through the most interesting history of the Great Western Road. In 2004, we celebrate its 190th anniversary.

Sue Sewter, local historian, will take a look at the important community, and often humorous, contribution of Alfred Colless and his Nepean Times.

Jan Herivel , military historian, will follow with an intimate expose of how the Nepean Times kept people informed about friends and relatives involved in the Great War.

Dr Grace Karskens will also inform conference participants of her research project on the history of Castlereagh.