Claremont Meadows

Location: Where is Claremont Meadows?
Claremont Meadows, New South Wales Australia, is located within the City of Penrith. It is a small quiet and isolated estate bounded by the Great Western Highway, Gipps Street, Caddens Road and the University of Western Sydney Nepean. The suburb of St Marys is the eastern boundary with Werrington at its northern border. The suburb of Kingswood is on its western end and the rural suburb of Orchard Hills runs along its southern boundary. Claremont Meadows is one of the more recent residential developments within the City of Penrith. Transport and traffic issues arising from the estate’s close proximity to the University are a priority concern for its residents. Although there are few services available in comparison with other more established suburbs, Claremont Meadows is centrally located to take full advantage of the tertiary facilities within the City as well as the shopping centres of both St Marys and Penrith.  

33 46′ S 150 44′ E


Postcode: 2747 Population: 4,776 (2016 census) Distance from Sydney: 48 kms NW
Area: 3.08 km2 or 308 hectares Density: 16.63 persons per hectare Claremont Meadows NSW on Google Maps



  • Gipps Street Landfill: This landfill was developed approximately 40 years ago (c.1956). The proximity of the landfill to South Creek and nearby residents in Claremont Meadows has resulted in the need to remediate the site to ensure that it is not adversely affecting the environment or human health. The land is in the process of being formally recognised as unhealthy building land under the Unhealthy Building Land Act 1990. Consultants have undertaken investigations since 1994. These studies have indicated generally low risks from landfill contaminants on human health associated with the recreational land uses proposed for the site. The Environment Protection Authority has reached agreement with Council on the adequacy of investigations into the landfill site. It is envisaged that the end of 1998 would complete rehabilitation of the site. Once remediation works are complete, it is anticipated that the site will provide recreational opportunities such as parklands, sporting fields, cycling and walking paths utilising the South Creek Corridor. Source: PCC: State of the Environment Report 1996/97.

Historical profile

Origin of the place name – Claremont Meadows

Governor Macquarie granted Mary Bligh an additional 1055 acres of land in the Parish of Claremont as a wedding present when she married her second husband Maurice O’Connell in 1810. Her first husband John Putland had died of tuberculosis in 1808. This property was named Coallee. The O’Connells never lived on the property and in 1855 the land was initially sold to Andrew McCullock who subdivided the area into four blocks before reselling them. The western blocks, which make up the neighbourhood of Claremont Meadows, were initially purchased by Henry Nash, and later by Bryan Molloy. It was Molloy who named his property Claremont. The farm was divided between his children after his death in 1885. The area was opened up as a housing estate in 1984.

Historical Timeline

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Historic buildings & places

Four Winds: Four Winds is a brick bungalow, built in 1922 for a successful local tanner, Martin Brell. The tannery was located on the eastern side of the house, towards South Creek and some of the tanning pits are believed to remain on this site. It has since been used by the Greater Western Education Centre. In 2006 the house was owned by the NSW Government.

fourwinds claremont meadows


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