Penrith City Cemeteries

The Penrith local government area has 13 cemeteries within its boundary, most of which are closed and are historically significant. They are all over 100 years old, reflecting the social and cultural history of the region. Some cemeteries are of national significance, and each has particular values worthy of preservation and conservation. Penrith Council directly manages three operational general cemeteries, being:

  • Penrith General Cemetery – Cox Avenue, Kingswood;
  • Emu General Cemetery – Mundy Street, Emu Plains; and
  • St Marys General Cemetery – Great Western Highway, St Marys.

Penrith Council is also the Trustee for Crown Reserve in Church Road, Castlereagh which is land set aside for cemetery purposes. This reserve, Portion 281, surrounds the Castlereagh Anglican Cemetery.