Penrith City Cemeteries

The Penrith local government area has 13 cemeteries within its boundary, most of which are closed and are historically significant. They are all over 100 years old, reflecting the social and cultural history of the region. Some cemeteries are of national significance, and each has particular values worthy of preservation and conservation.

You can search Penrith Council’s cemetery records here: Cemetery Search

Penrith Council directly manages three operational general cemeteries, being:

Other cemeteries

Castlereagh Cemetery – Church Lane, Castlereagh                                                               Penrith Council is the Trustee for Crown Reserve in Church Road, Castlereagh which is land set aside for cemetery purposes. This reserve, Portion 281, surrounds the Castlereagh Anglican Cemetery.

Castlereagh Anglican Church and General Cemetery: This Cemetery, located Cnr Church Street and East Wilchard Road, Cranebrook, is one of Penrith’s most significant cemeteries, being the one of the first local cemeteries in our Local Government Area.

Castlereagh Uniting Church Cemetery: This Cemetery located on Old Castlereagh Road, Upper Castlereagh, is adjacent to one of the oldest Methodist Churches in Australia.

Londonderry Methodist Church Cemetery: The Londonderry Methodist Cemetery is inactive and is located on private property.

Luddenham Uniting Church cemetery: This small cemetery is located on The Northern Road at Luddenham.

McCarthy Catholic Cemetery: The McCarthy Catholic Cemetery in McCarthy’s Lane, Cranebrook is located within the extensive Penrith Lakes developments.

St James Anglican Church Cemetery, Luddenham: Although not technically within the Penrith Council area, this Cemetery is locally significant to the Luddenham/Mulgoa region.

St Thomas’ Anglican Church cemetery, Mulgoa: This cemetery still has occasional burials.

Sir John Jamison Catholic Cemetery: This small Catholic Cemetery in Lilac Place, South Penrith has borne the brunt of systematic vandalism over recent decades as the local area became urbanized. Unfortunately little remains of the significant historic fabric of the cemetery.

St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church Cemetery: This Cemetery is located on the Great Western Highway at St Marys and is another good example of a well preserved historically significant local cemetery.

St Stephen The Martyr Anglican church Cemetery, Penrith Council has entered into an arrangement with the St Stephens Anglican Parish to maintain this historic St Stephen the Martyr Cemetery in High Street, Penrith.