Penrith City Council Crest and Brand

Penrith City Council Crest


History of the Crest
Although Penrith Council was formed in 1871, recent research undertaken by Penrith City Library staff has found no evidence of a crest being used on Council documents until after the amalgamation of councils in 1949.
In July 1952, Angus & Coote approached Penrith Council with an offer to design and manufacture a mayoral chain. Council resolved to obtain quotes for the job and in August 1952, Angus & Coote forwarded three designs for a Mayoral chain. During a council meeting held to discuss the designs, it was decided that a crest or seal based on the submitted designs should also be commissioned. In December 1952 Council allocated £100 for the manufacture of the chain and in January 1953, approval was given for the chain to be purchased that year. The design adopted for the crest was first used on Council letterheads by September 1953.

Penrith City Council’s crest combines English and Australian motifs. The fox symbolises a connection with England while the other elements symbolise Penrith’s long history and heritage. Figures on the left and right hand of the shield represent the early occupants of the area, an Aboriginal and a farmer. The bridge on the shield represents the Victoria Bridge, an important transportation link in the area. Branches under the shield depict wattle which flowers profusely in the Penrith district. The sheep, fish and Cornucopia (Symbol of Plenty) symbolise Penrith’s early agricultural days. The wheel of industry depicts the rapid progress of secondary industry in the Penrith district.

Colours used in the Crest include:

  • Dark Brown –Background of the Council of the City of Penrith
  • Light Brown –Background of sheep, unstriped parts of banner under fox.
  • Light Blue –Background to bridge, background to ribbon
  • Dark Blue –Background to fish
  • Green –Background to Cornucopia, leaves, some fruit.
  • Black –Thin borders, bridge, lettering on ribbon, Aborigine’s beard, handles on spear and hoe.

In 2003 the Penrith City Council Brand was implemented for everyday council documents. The Penrith City Council Crest has been retained for important civic occasions such the awarding of “Keys to the City”, Sister City initiatives or the affixing of the Official Seal of the Council.

Penrith City Council Brand – Rivers, Mountains, Lakes


In 2003, Penrith City Council discussed the introduction of a Penrith City Council Brand which could be implemented to improve the knowledge of Council services and their value to the community. There was general agreement that any new Council brand should use the graphic elements included in the Penrith Valley, River, Mountain, Lakes brand developed in 1998 as part of the Council’s City Marketing strategy. This brand was already widely accepted and highlighted the natural features that made the Penrith City area unique:

  • the Nepean River
  • the Blue Mountains escarpment
  • the Penrith Lakes Scheme.

On 1 September 2003, the Penrith City Council brand, as shown above, was adopted. The Penrith City Council brand is used for everyday council documents – letterheads, business, cards, with compliments slips, application forms and reports.