Kingswood Park

Location: Where is Kingswood Park?

Kingswood Park, New South Wales Australia, is located north of the Western Railway Line and the suburb of Penrith, to the west of Cambridge Park and to the south of Cranebrook. The Nepean Rugby Union Oval offers a green belt on its western boundary. Kingswood Park is an extremely hilly suburb, which provides commanding and scenic views of Penrith and the Blue Mountains. It is one of the smallest suburbs in size within the City. It is a residential area, providing easy access to the Penrith CBD.

Postcode: 2750                                                                     Distance from Sydney: 53.5 km NW


Origin of the place name – Kingswood Park                                                             Kingswood Park is a neighbourhood of Kingswood. Its neighbourhood status was given in early 1976, as the area had developed considerably during the 1960s with the opening of several housing estates. The area is bounded by Coreen Avenue, Arakoon Avenue, Illawong Avenue, Andrews Road and Parker Street. The name Kingswood Park is an extension of the suburban place name, Kingswood, and was created to name expanding residential development in the area.

Historical Timeline

1831Phillip Parker King granted 1500 acres in this area naming it St Stephens
1970Kingswood Park residential underway
1971AugustKingswood Park School officially opened
1976Kingswood Park granted neighbourhood status
1981AugustKingswood Park School improvements announced
1995OctoberNew Kingswood Park Neighourhood Centre announced
1996DecemberKingswood Park Public School won a special award (Exemplary School Practices Award) for its achievements in establishing a strong learning community


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