Cambridge Park

Location: Where is Cambridge Park?

Cambridge Park, New South Wales, Australia is located in the northern section of the City of Penrith. Cambridge Park is an older established suburb of residential housing on larger blocks. It is located north of Kingswood and Werrington. The smaller satellite suburbs of Cambridge Gardens, Werrington Downs and Werrington County are located to its north. Cambridge Park continued as a rural area for many years after the original land grant St Stephens was subdivided in the 1880s. By 1970, the area was populated and settled with urban housing. Cambridge Park is a dynamic suburb of Penrith with easy access to the many facilities in the City. Featuring close access to private and public schooling and an international sports stadium for basketball. It’s most famous visitor being Hilary Clinton in September 2000.

33 44′ S 150 44′ E


Postcode: 2747 Population: 6,726 (2016 Census) Distance from Sydney: 53 km
Area: 2.63 km2 or 263 hectares Density: 26.49 persons per hectare Cambridge Park NSW on Google Maps



Roads & Streets

Besley Street was named after George Besley who was Mayor of Penrith from 1883 to 1884. He also had a coach building business in Penrith.
Breyley Street was named after the Breyley family who lived on a small farm in the area. One son was a local photographer.
Cambridge Street was named like many streets in Cambridge Park after towns and cities in England.
Neeta Avenue was named after Neeta Homes housing developers.

Historical profile

Origin of the place name – Cambridge Park

Phillip Parker King, son of Governor King, named his 1500 acre grant of 1831 St Stephens. However he spent little time on the estate which was used to raise cattle and breed stud horses.

The property was subdivided as Cambridge Park into farmlets in December 1884, but despite promotion of the area in the Nepean Times of 6 December, as ‘within 5 minutes walk of the Four Cross Roads Platform near Penrith and suitable for vineyards and orchards,’ development was very sluggish. The land was sold privately under Torrens title and needed one pound deposit and ten shillings a month in repayment.

It wasn’t until the mid twentieth century that the rural nature of the area was changed. It was gazetted as a suburb of Penrith in 1970.

Historical Timeline

1831Phillip Parker King received a 1,500 acre grant and named it St Stephens
1884 DecemberCambridge Park estate was subdivided into farmlets
1958JanuaryCambridge Park Primary opened
1970The area was gazetted as a suburb
197628 JanuaryCambridge Park High School opened


For photos and more information on Cambridge Park, search Penrith City Library’s catalogue using an All Resources search.


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