Heritage Planning

Heritage consists of objects and places valued and inherited by our community, which are protected for future generations. They contribute to our sense of the past and cultural identity. Penrith Council protects and manages the community’s heritage assets. It provides a free heritage advisory service and funding for upkeep of heritage related items.

  • Heritage Planning:Penrith City Council protects and manages the community’s heritage assets through the application of the Penrith Local Environment Plan 1991 (Environmental Heritage Conservation) (Heritage LEP) and the Penrith Heritage Management Development Control Plan (Heritage DCP).
  • Heritage Study: The 2007 Penrith Heritage Study is a comprehensive review of the heritage items and places within the City, examining both existing items and potential new items.  The Heritage Study provides the information needed for decisions on whether items should be included (or not) in Schedule 5 of draft Penrith LEP 2008, or Schedule 1 of draft Amendment No.1 to Penrith LEP 1991. Together these two schedules list most of the heritage items, conservation areas and known European archaeological sites in the City. The other heritage items are listed under Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No. 30 – St Marys and Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No.11 – Penrith Lakes Scheme. The Penrith Heritage Study 2007 is comprised of three volumes: Volume 1: Study Report ; Volume 2: Thematic History; Volume 3: Localities histories.