Penrith Municipal Council 1871 – 1959

Pictorial timeline of events in the life of local government within the City

History of the Corporate Seal
In August 1871 Penrith Municipal Council paid Twemlow Brothers to make the Corporate Seal for the Municipal District of Penrith.

History of Mayoral Regalia and Chains of Office
Council’s mayoral robes (one purchased in 1960 and the other in 1987) are traditionally red, trimmed with black velvet and mock sable fur, and are worn with lace frill and hat.

History of the Penrith City Council Crest and Brand
In July 1952, Angus & Coote approached Penrith Municipal Council with an offer to design and manufacture a Mayoral Chain and Crest. This page investigates the history and meaning behind our Mayoral Chain.

Petitions for a Municipality in the Penrith region

Proclamation of the Municipality of Penrith

Penrith Municipal Council aldermen 1871-1959

Penrith Municipal Council Mayors 1871-1959

Penrith Municipal Council – Mayors 1871 – 1959

List of Penrith Municipal/City Council town clerks/general managers

Town Clerks 1871 – 1959 and General Managers 1960 –