History of the Corporate Seal

Penrith Municipal Council

History of the Corporate Seal


The Corporate Seal: Surrounding edge is a clasped belt and buckle with the words “Municipal District of Penrith”. The floral arrangement are the rose, leek, thistle and clover representing the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Across the centre is the word: Unity.

The first meeting of Penrith Municipal Council was held on Tuesday 18 July 1871 at 11 am in an unknown location with the elected Mayor, James J Riley as Chairman and the eight elected aldermen present. The first few months saw decisions made on setting up functions and procedures of the Council. One of those decisions was the design and purchase of the Corporate Seal. At the 24 August meeting, a motion was put forward that “The Mayor will produce a Seal for the inspection of the Council for their approbation to cost (₤5/5/0)”. A further motion by alderman Edwin Wilshire was “That the Seal now produced by the Seal approved for the use of the Municipal Council Penrith at the cost of (₤5/5/0). Seconded by alderman Beatson and carried.

The following meeting on 31 August saw the Mayor put forward the motion that the Twemlow Brothers by paid ₤5/5/0 to make the Corporate Seal. Within a few weeks the Council had received the Seal. The Mayor was given approval to affix the Seal to the first Rate Book. The Corporate Seal was then affixed to each yearly rate book. It was also used on all official ducuments where the Council Seal was required.