Location: Where is Kingswood?

Kingswood, New South Wales, Australia is located on the eastern approach to Penrith on the Great Western Highway. It is bounded on its west by Parker Street, north by Richmond Road and the east by the University of Western Sydney. Caddens Road is its southern boundary. Kingswood is one of the oldest suburbs within the Penrith Local Government Area. It is an academically rich suburb with both a university, a TAFE, along with private and public schools within its boundaries. The Kingswood State Archives and the Penrith City Council Archives are a haven for researchers in Western Sydney. Nepean District Hospital, located in Kingswood, is a major focal point for many residents in the Penrith LGA.

33 44′ S 150 44′ E

Postcode: 2747 Distance from Sydney: 52 km
Area: 6.58 km2 or 658 ha Kingswood NSW on Google Maps


Government Electorates

Local Government:  Kingswood is located in all three Wards of the Penrith Local Government area. Next elections will be held in 2012.

State Government: Kingswood is located in three State Government Electorates: Penrith, Londonderry & Mulgoa. Next elections are scheduled for March 2015.
Federal Government:  Kingswood is located in the Federal Government Electorate of Lindsay. Next elections will be held in 2013.
Aboriginal Districts:  Kingswood is located in the Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Council Area. Next elections are scheduled for 2011.


  • Penrith General Cemetery: This cemetery is north of the railway line at Kingswood. The cemetery occupies an entire block, bounded by Philip Street, Copeland Street, Cox Avenue and Richmond Road. The cemetery was opened in 1903 and was divided into denominational sections. The first recorded burial in 1910 was that of a child Doris Vivian aged 5 years in the Anglican section. Penrith General Cemetery is the major burial ground in the City of Penrith. Nepean Family History Society transcribed this cemetery in 1993. An updated edition is expected in 1998.


Schools & tertiary education

  • Kingswood Public School: Second Avenue, Kingswood, 2747.
    Ph: (02) 4736 4028.
  • Kingswood South Public School: Smith Street, Kingswood, 2747.
    Ph: (02) 47336 2408.
  • Kingswood High School: Bringelly Road, Kingswood, 2747.
    Ph: (02) 4736 1202.
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School: Joseph Street, Kingswood, 2747.
    Ph: (02) 4721 3182.
  • St Dominic’s Catholic College: 54 – 94 Gascoigne St, Kingswood, 2747.
    Ph: (02) 4731 1933.
  • Nepean College of TAFE, Kingswood Campus: 12-44 O’Connell Street, Kingswood, 2747.
    Ph: (02) 9208 9999. Nepean College is located on the two campuses of Penrith and Kingwood. Courses are geared to growth areas in the local economy such as tourism and hospitality, retailing, media, health, personal and community services, finance and business.
  • University of Western Sydney: Postal: University of Western Sydney Locked Bag 1797 Penrith South DC NSW 1797.
    Ph: (02) 9852 5222. Kingswood: Entrance at the eastern end of Second Avenue, off Bringelly Road. It is approximately 10 minutes walk south-east from Kingswood Railway Station. UWS Nepean aims to provide educational facilities that respond to the needs and aspirations of the people of Western Sydney as well as to contribute generally to Australian intellectual life.

Historical profile

Origin of the place name – Kingswood

Named after Governor Philip Gidley King’s (1758-1808) family, who held grants of land in the northern part of this area. Kingswood was formerly known as “Cross Roads”, as it marked the intersection of the Great Western Highway with another great road from Richmond to the “Cowpastures” near Camden. The land, on which the greater part of Kingswood is built, forms a part of a grant of 470 acres, given to John Best in 1814. The area was once thickly timbered and remained almost untouched until the advent of the railway in 1862. A temporary platform was opened and then closed, when the line ran into Penrith in January, 1863. The inconvenience of this situation for local residents was remedied in March 1887 when a wooden platform and ticket office were constructed on the present site and given the name “Kingswood Siding”. The name was eventually shortened and came into general usage. The first extensive subdivision of land in the area took place in the 1880’s. Further development in the area was hastened by the Kingswood or ‘St. Stephen’s Estate’ being offered for sale in 1914.

Historical Timeline

1814   John Best received 470 acres land grant
1815 10 June Land grant to Samuel Foster of 300 acres later known as Lautly Farm.
1862 7 July Railway line from St Marys (South Creek) to the Crossroads (Kingswood) opened.
1863 18 January Railway line from Crossroads (Kingswood) to Penrith opened.
1885 May William Ireland unsuccessfully applied for post office at his general store on
Great W. Highway
1887 20 April Mr Ireland appointed Receiving Office Keeper of mail. Office named
Cross Roads West
1887 4 August Railway platform changed name to Kingswood.
1891 28 May Permission given to open a school at Kingswood. Sixty children enrolled
1891 16 June Kingswood Receiving Station is given the status of a Post Office.
1892 September Kingswood Public School opened with 57 pupils.
1898 27 February St Phillip’s Anglican Church opened
1903 September New 15 acre cemetery in Cox Avenue was gazetted. Expected to be sufficient for 100 years.
1906 10 March Henrietta Tolhurst appointed postmistress, a position she held for 34 years.
1911 2 December Telephone service connected to Kingswood.
1914   Penrith Brick Company opened in Copeland Street by Bert Jolley.
1952 May Foundation stone laid for a new district hospital
1956 12 May Opening ceremony for the new Nepean District Hospital.
1960 12 June St. Dominic’s College officially opened.
1963 29 January St. Joseph’s School officially opened.
1993   $92 million redevelopment and upgrade of Nepean District Hospital.

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