Penrith City History

The following pages examine the City of Penrith and its history in broad brushstrokes.

  • Anniversaries: 2011
  • The History of the City of Penrith
    Originally Compiled by Fox
    & Associates, Architects/Planners for the Heritage Study of the City of Penrith (1987), edited by Lorraine Stacker & Owen Richards.
  • Chronology of Penrith’s history
  • Snapshots in Time
  • Draft Heritage Study 2007 and Thematic History: The Penrith Heritage Study is a comprehensive review of the heritage items and places within the City, examining both existing items and potential new items. The Heritage Study provides the information needed for decisions on whether items should be included (or not) in Schedule 5 of draft Penrith LEP 2008, or Schedule 1 of draft Amendment No.1 to Penrith LEP 1991. Together these two schedules list most of the heritage items, conservation areas and known European archaeological sites in the City. The other heritage items are listed under Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No. 30 – St Marys and Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No.11 – Penrith Lakes Scheme. The Penrith Heritage Study 2007 is comprised of three volumes: Volume 1: Study Report ; Volume 2: Thematic History; Volume 3: Localities histories.
  • History of Penrith Project: The book is Here! – Penrith: The makings of a City. Can be purchased for $35 at any library branch, or borrowed from the lending collection.

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