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This page is a portal to information on the history of the City’s Local Government

Local government within the City of Penrith began with the formation of district councils in 1843. Incorporation of the town of Penrith in 1871 was followed by St Marys (1890), Castlereagh (1895), Mulgoa (1893) and Nepean Shire (1913). On 1 January 1949 all of these local government authorities amalgamated to form Penrith Municipal Council. Ten years later the Municipality of Penrith was proclaimed a City.

last council meeting
10 November 1959.
Last meeting of Penrith Council in the Council Chambers in Henry Street
(Next door to where the Library was later built in 1964)

Penrith Municipal Council 1871 – 1959

Penrith City Council 1960 –

St Marys Municipal Council 1890-1948

In 1889 one hundred and thirty eight citizens of the St Marys area petitioned the government asking for incorporation as a municipality.

Mulgoa Municipal Council 1893-1913

In 1893 a petition was received by the Government from residents of Mulgoa, then part of the Penrith Municipality, asking for a separate council. The Government, led by the Premier George R. Dibbs, proclaimed the Municipality of Mulgoa on 26 July 1893.

Castlereagh Municipal Council 1895-1948

A petition from the residents of Castlereagh on 25 April 1895 resulted in the proclamation of Municipality of Castlereagh on 9 September 1895. It was a small municipality serving a scattered rural community.

Nepean Shire Council 1906-1948

The Nepean Shire Council was formed in 1906, covering the areas of Cobbitty/Hoxton Park, Austral, parts of Luddenham and Narellan. In 1912, Mulgoa Municipal Council petitioned the Minister of Public Works for the inclusion in the Nepean Shire.

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  1. Elsa Speechley says:

    when was Mountain View Village built?

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hi Elsa,

    Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. Can I just confirm that we are talking about the Mountain View Retreat Retirement Village on Mulgoa Road? The Mountainview Nursing Home in Jamison Road was opened in 1994 and as far as we can tell so far, the retirement village was opened in the late 1980s (possibly 1987). We’re trying to get a fix on an exact date, but before we start scanning newspapers I just wanted to check we were on the right track.

    Vanessa Stockford

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