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Local History Publications

Local History Publications on the City of Penrith. To purchase any of the following publications, please contact Research Services on
P.O. Box 60, Penrith. 2751. New South Wales. Australia.

Street address: 601 High Street, Penrith. 2750. New South Wales. Australia.
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Dharug and Dungaree – History of Penrith & St Marys to 1860 / by Robert Murray and Kate White (1988)
(xv), 368 pages, illustrations, notes, bibliography, index.


Detailed history of the district to the 1860’s.


Penrith: the Makings of a City
/ by Lorraine Stacker
(vi), 472 pages, illustrations,  bibliography, chronology, index (to both Dharug and dungaree and Penrith: the Makings of a City)

Companion volume to Dharug and dungaree. This book takes the City’s history into the 21st century.



Once Upon a Road… A History of High St., Penrith 1901 1920 / by Colin Stevenson (1984)
(iv), 60 pages, illustrations, photographs, index.
A profusely illustrated book depicting the events, people and scenes of Penrith’s High Street between
1901-1920. A quality production.




Not Just Stitches /  by Mavis Reynolds, Marie Morris, Barbara Curran, Lorna Parr and Jim Cohen (1995)

37 pages, colour illustrations.

Background history to the embroidered wall hanging (now hanging in Penrith City Library) by 100 local
volunteer embroiderers featuring the history of local women.


 pictorial history picPictorial History: Penrith & St Marys / by Lorraine Stacker (revised edition 2013)
140 pages, index, bibliography, chronology.

Over 160 photos covering every suburb in Penrith City.  Includes Aboriginal history and European discovery.  Written by Penrith Library’s Information Librarian.

places names book

Place Names and Their Origins Within the City of Penrith / by Colin Stevenson and Stephen Gibbs (1985)
(iii), 25 pages, illustrations, index.

This booklet traces the origin and meaning of 36 place names of the Penrith City area.