Upper Castlereagh War Memorial


The Upper Castlereagh War Memorial is situated in the grounds of the former Upper Castlereagh School, Castlereagh Road, Upper Castlereagh. The obelisk shaped war memorial, honours the men from Upper Castlereagh who served during World War 1.

upper castlereagh school
Upper Castlereagh Public School and War Memorial
(Penrith City Library Photographic Collection)

*denotes killed during war

Frederick H. Ahmelman

Ernest Field

George Edward Ahmelman

A Griffiths

R Carter

* Edward Kennedy Lance

J Carter

Harold Norman Lance

Eric William Denniss

Victor Patrick Purcell

Jojn James Francis Emery

* G Simpson

Bertie Charles Field

The following inscription has been engraved at the base of the memorial:

“Erected in honour of the above residents who enlisted from Castlereagh Upper for active service in the Great War 1914-1918”