Cattle Saleyards – The Historical Tradition

There appears to be no research to date on this aspect of the pastoral industry. Birmingham only notes that such sites may be found at major transportation points such as rail heads (1).

The Extended Data Base
There are no classified sites of this nature although some similar examples are included in sites which are classified, such as the Homebush Abattoirs and Riverstone Abattoirs. The National Parks and Wildlife Service of New South Wales has a number of cattle corrals listed on its Historic Sites Register which may correspond to this type.

Cattle Saleyards
There has been no research in this area to determine the types of site functions which were common to the industry. It is, therefore, impossible to assess the impact that such an industry would have had on the archaeological record.

It may be assumed from graphic evidence that the common features were some sheds close to large corrals, the latter often constructed in post and rail fencing.


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