St Mary Magdalene Honor Roll

“Lest We Forget”
ST. MARY MAGDALENE has rather a unique Honour roll. It bears not only the names, but also the photos. Of those from the parish who served in the war from 1914-1918

st mary magdalene church

*denotes killed during war

St Mary Magdalene Honor Roll

* H. Adams* AA. GarnerB. Noble
* W. AndrewsCecil GersbachC. Noble
* G. Andrews Clarence GersbachW. Parkins
W. AndertonC. Geoghaegon R. Parkins
* S BennettW. Geoghaegon* W. Perry
* D. Blyton R. Giddle A. Rawling
A. BradleyA. GibsonW. Rankine
* O. Baker* S. Gerring A. Roots
G. BeacroftF. Graham F. Royal
J.W. BatesC. Giles P. Royal
A. BurrowsS. GilesF. Rowntree
E. BettsT. HainingH. Rose
R. CookD. HackettC. Shadlow
* James CookJ. Hackett P. Shaw
B. CookC. Harris* A. V. Steele
C. CookC. HamblynF. Smith
B. CorletteC. InnesP. Stinson
S. CollierJ. JewellJ. H. Taylor
* W. Doolan W. JonesA. Turner
C. Dowd E. JacksonG. Turner
R. Dollin* K. JacksonC. Thompson
N. Dollin* P. KearneyG. Thompson
F. Desborough J. K. Lethbridge * H. L. Tingcombe
A. Desborough C. G. Lyneham* N. L. Tingcombe
P. Elwood * S. Luke* S. Tilghman
E. Eyle M. LowndesF. Veal
J. East * C. MallardF. Viney
Chaplain Elgood C. MarshNurse West
W. ElliottSister A. Morehead George White
A. FordSister C. MoreheadF. White
* W. GarnerW. Mummery Frank White
H. GarnerF. Michau S. Wright

Source:Gledhill, P. W. Church of StMary MagdaleneSt. Marys (formerly South Creek) : a souvenir book of the church and parish / with supplement by C. A. Goodwin / 1937.