Penrith Cemeteries Services

Within the three operational cemeteries that Penrith City Council manages, there are a range of burial services available. The extensive Denominational areas in each of the cemeteries reflect the traditional set out of cemeteries in the late 19th century.


Denominational Areas Available

Penrith Anglican, Catholic, Independent/General, Presbyterian, Salvation Army and Uniting sections
St Marys Anglican, Catholic, Coptic Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Independent/General, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Uniting sections
Emu Plains Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian and Uniting Sections

All new gravesites are dug to a depth that allows for a second burial to take place in the gravesite if desired. Cremated remains can also be interred in a gravesite. A Contractor has been engaged who is responsible for all grave digging in Council’s cemeteries.

Soil subsidence can occur after a new burial, particularly after rain. It is Council’s responsibility to maintain the grave and to arrange for the grave to be filled if necessary.

Non-denominational Lawn Sections are available at both Penrith and St Marys. A Catholic Lawn Section is also available at Penrith. The Lawn Sections are both beam monumental (where the monument is placed on the concrete beam at the head of the grave) and plaque on beam (where a plaque is placed on the concrete beam at the head of the grave).