Penrith – Register of Notifications of Infectious Disease


Date of ReportPatient's NameAgeDisease Address of Premises at which Patient isMilk SupplyResidence at Date of Attack
15 January 1919James Mills4DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalOwn cowCranebrook
15 January 1919Hilda Grace Lack27DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalOwn cowTattersalls Hotel Penrith
15 January 1919Clare Irene Lack6DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalOwn cowTattersalls Hotel Penrith
15 January 1919Stella May Green22DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalOwn cowTattersalls Hotel Penrith
15 January 1919Pearl Green28DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalOwn cowTattersalls Hotel Penrith
20 January 1919Arthur Macleay Peck8Enteric FeverHouse in Warwick StreetNisbettWarwick Street
20 January 1919Irene Mary Ellen Clare Lack18DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalWoodlandRed Cow Hotel Penrith
7 February 1919Robert Albert Buckley7Enteric FeverNepean Cottage HospitalHollierHenry Street
30 January 1919Kenneth Giles4DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalStantonHaynes Street
30 January 1919Harry Giles2DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalStantonHaynes Street
30 January 1919Edna Giles6DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalStantonHaynes Street
30 January 1919Clarice Giles5DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalStantonHaynes Street
30 January 1919John Currin17Enteric FeverNepean Cottage HospitalWoodland Harris and NesbittFoat's Bakery
30 January 1919John Shortis8Enteric FeverNepean Cottage HospitalCastlereagh Street
17 February 1919Elizabeth Cross56Enteric FeverNepean Cottage HospitalNesbittHenry Street
17 February 1919Annie Connors2DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalHaynes Street
6 March 1919Clara Dukes25DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalBlaikieHaynes Street
25 March 1919Ivy Sutton2.5 YearsDiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalHarrisNorth Street
28 March 1919Gladys Sutton4DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalHarrisNorth Street
31 March 1919Freda Sutton6DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalHarrisNorth Street
10 April 1919John Houghton29Pneumonic InfluenzaNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenValley Heights
16 April 1919Cecil Parker12DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenCastlereagh
26 April 1919Mary Agnes Saggars14DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalHarrisNorth Street
26 April 1919Margaret Jolley3.5DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalNesbittHenry Street
1 May 1919Florrie James17Enteric FeverNepean Cottage HospitalHarrisHigh Street
2 May 1919William Perry26Enteric FeverNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenRoveen's Henry Street
2 May 1919Edith May Cody28Enteric FeverH Bakers Henry StreetHarrisH Baker's Henry Street
8 May 1919Edith James16Enteric FeverNepean Cottage HospitalHarris and BlaikieHigh Street
23 May 1919Irene Valerie Miller6DiptheriaNepean Cottage HospitalNesbittDerby Street
23 May 1919Frederick Albert Jones7DiptheriaNepean Cottage HospitalDevitt & NesbittUnion Road
26 May 1919Olive Deasey 31DiptheriaNepean Cottage HospitalNesbittDerby Street
28 May 1919Dorothy Bunyan11DiptheriaNepean Cottage HospitalR HollierEmu Plains
29 May 1919Denis Matthew McAuliffe39Pnuemonic InfluenzaBelmore St Penrith(condensed)Belmore Street
30 May 1919William James Gersback32Pnuemonic InfluenzaNepean Cottage Hospital? Castlereagh & Henry Sts
3 June 1919Florence Kathleen Buckley10Scarlet FeverHenry St Lemongrove PenrithWoodlandHenry St Lemongrove Penrith
2 June 1919Harold Hudson27Pnuemonic InfluenzaNepean Cottage HospitalWoodlandLethbridge St
10 June 1919Matilda Ruby Field31Pnuemonic InfluenzaHigh St PenrithHarrisHigh St
12 June 1919Harry Horstmann35Pnuemonic InfluenzaNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenEmu Plains
13 June 1919William Clive Buckley21 monthsDiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenCastlereagh St
14 June 1919E J Fenning3DiphtheriaNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenH Paskins Lethbridge St
22 June 1919Nicholas Joseph24Pnuemonic InfluenzaWoodriff St PenrithNot GivenWoodriff St
20 June 1919W Walker34Pnuemonic InfluenzaHigh StreetNot GivenHigh St
20 June 1919W Thomson26Pnuemonic InfluenzaUnion Rd PenrithNot GivenUnion Rd
20 June 1919Wm Cracknell48Pnuemonic InfluenzaKing St PenrithNot GivenKing St
21 June 1919M Barlow10Pnuemonic InfluenzaDerby StNot GivenDerby St
24 June 1919Wm Burgess35Pnuemonic InfluenzaStation St PenrithNot GivenStation St
24 June 1919Wm Harvey26Pnuemonic InfluenzaLemongrove PenrithNot GivenLemongrove Penrith
24 June 1919Claude Purcell*30Pnuemonic InfluenzaHenry St PenrithNot GivenHenry St
24 June 1919Fred Husty 7Pnuemonic InfluenzaCommercial St PenrithNot GivenCommercial St
25 June 1919F C Pease33Pnuemonic InfluenzaYork Estate PenrithNilYork Estate Penrith
27 June 1919Maude Johnson29Pnuemonic InfluenzaCranebrookMiss WhitcombeCranebrook
27 June 1919Tom Johnson*61Pnuemonic InfluenzaCranebrookMiss WhitcombeCranebrook
26 June 1919Mrs E Starling34Pnuemonic InfluenzaDerby St PenrithJ Stanton & SonDerby St
27 June 1919Wm Glasscock 57Pnuemonic InfluenzaWoodriff St PenrithJ Stanton & SonWoodriff St
30 June 1919Sarah Adams*54Pnuemonic InfluenzaWarwick St PenrithHollierWarwick St
30 June 1919A E Hodges*31Pnuemonic InfluenzaLemongrove RdNot GivenLemongrove Rd
30 June 1919Kathleen Frances E Potter*3Pnuemonic InfluenzaHenry St PenrithNot GivenHenry St
1 July 1919Wm Slater57Pnuemonic InfluenzaLambridgeNot GivenLambridge Castlereagh
1 July 1919Mrs Millen72Pnuemonic InfluenzaRiley St PenrithA BlaikieRiley St
2 July 1919Eva Johnson*24Pnuemonic InfluenzaRiley St PenrithNot GivenRiley St
2 July 1919Darcy Johnson3Pnuemonic InfluenzaNorth St PenrithNot GivenNorth St
2 July 1919Edward F Johnson11 monthsPnuemonic InfluenzaNorth St PenrithNot GivenNorth St
2 July 1919Elma Starling21Pnuemonic InfluenzaWarwick St PenrithNot GivenWarwick St
2 July 1919Jane Davidson38Pnuemonic InfluenzaUnion Rd PenrithNot GivenUnion Rd
3 July 1919Mrs Ada Paul*26Pnuemonic InfluenzaRiley St PenrithNot GivenRiley St
5 July 1919William Henry Hodges35Pnuemonic InfluenzaLemongrove Rd PenrithNot GivenLemongrove Rd
6 July 1919Mary Schneider32Pnuemonic InfluenzaCranebrook PenrithNot GivenCranebrook Penrith
7 July 1919William Alexander Johnson35Pnuemonic InfluenzaCranebrook PenrithNot GivenCranebrook Penrith
14 July 1919Mary Glasscock28Pnuemonic InfluenzaNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenWoodriff St Penrith
15 July 1919A Thomson38Pnuemonic InfluenzaTindale St PenrithNot GivenTindale St
18 July 1919Harry Best33Pnuemonic InfluenzaLethbridge St PenrithNot GivenLethbridge St
29 July 1919Arthur Lyle Withers31Pnuemonic InfluenzaLemongrove Rd and Thurston St Penrith Not GivenLemongrove Rd and Thurston St
31 July 1919Catherine Dorothy Duff20Pnuemonic InfluenzaNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenLemongrove Rd and Thurston St
31 July 1919Eva Emily Chaney*5DiptheriaNepean Cottage HospitalNot GivenWentworth Falls
23 September 1919Harry O'Hare4Enteric FeverNepean Cottage HospitalOwn goatW Elyme's residence Kingswood ?
27 October 1919Elsie Wilkinson7Enteric FeverNepean Cottage Hospital???North St Penrith
6 November 1919Thelma Tipping18Diphtheria Lemongrove Rd PenrithBlaikieLemongrove Rd
18 November 1919Eric McMurtrie11Diphtheria BlacktownOwn cowBlacktown
2 December 1919Edith Maud Harvey23Diphtheria Nepean Cottage HospitalLeeHemming St Penrith
22 December 1919Edward John McHugh7.5Diphtheria Nepean Cottage HospitalHollierHaynes St Penrith
28 December 1919Leo Elkington14 monthsDiphtheria Nepean Cottage HospitalNisbettLemongrove