Mount Druitt and Colyton Honor Roll

On 15 June 1918 a memorial tablet was unveiled at Colyton Public School to acknowledge the efforts of its young men from Colyton and Mt Druitt who enlisted in the Great War. The Honor Roll is surmounted with the words ‘Honor the Brave’.  It is made of polished Queensland maple. Of the 21 men named 2 did not return. Their names, Owen Baker and Stephen Shadlow are painted in gold.

Edward AbbottAllen Charles Innes
Arthur Bernard AshleyPeter Will Methven
Samuel AshleyG Moffett
A Aukland (M.M.)B Noble
*Owen Wallace BakerClarence Kingsley Noble
Clarence Roy BarnettJ Peel
G BarnettDouglas Ross Robertson
Reginald Bruce Barnett*Stephen Shadlow
C BrownGeorge Wilfred Sykes
H EllisC Tricker
G FloydJustin Bennett Wainwright
Donald Frazer GuthrieCarlton John Waugh

*denotes killed during war

Source: Nepean Times Saturday 27 November 1920, pg 3, Col. 3