Penrith Presbyterian Church Honor Roll

Presbyterian church honor Roll

Penrith Presbyterian Church Honor Roll World War One

On 22 April 1917 an honor roll containing the names of 29 young local men was unveiled at the Penrith Presbyterian Church. Guests included the Scouts, the senior cadets and some returned soldiers. The Honor Roll measured 30 inches by 20 inches and was encased in an elaborate oak frame. The Honor Roll was unveiled by the Reverend James McKee who made the following comments during his address:

This is no ordinary occasion. We are met to honor our brave boys, who, at the call of King and Country, in the defence of truth, liberty and righteousness, and for the protection of the aged, infirm and helpless, are exposing themselves to great danger, even death. The Roll of Honor which we this day unveil, contains the names of 29 of the best manhood of the district. At least half of these have been members of my Bible class, whom I knew intimately and loved – brave, high-spirited, truthful good boys. Every one of them occupied a good position, with excellent prospects; but love of country and kindred, truth and freedom were dearer to them. Four of them have given their lives.

In the days to come, when the historians shall have recorded the triumphs of Britain and her Allies, by which Prussian Militarism and German inhumanity shall have been for ever destroyed, the heroic part with our boys played in the gigantic struggle shall occupy a prominent place. And when at the fireside these boys will read these records to their children, they will be able, with laudable pride, to tell them the part they played in these terrible battles.

The Roll of Honor included the following inscription:

Penrith Presbyterian Church, Penrith. Roll of Honor. The following are the names of young men connected with our congregation who, at the call of duty, volunteered for service in the cause of King and Country, Liberty and Humanity in the war against German Militarism and Barbarism.

The unveiling of an updated honor roll took place on Sunday 29 August 1920. It was performed by Rev. B. Scott West, of Burwood. Everyone was invited, particularly returned soldiers, the military cadets and scouts. This marble memorial tablet is set in the southern end of the church. It bears the motto: 1914-1919 For God, King and Empire.
The names of 48 people connected to the church are inscribed on the tablet. They are:

* Denotes killed in action

J. Cliff Aubrey Godfrey Hyslop
* Sydney Aubrey Henry Hyslop
Geoffrey Baker Robert Hyslop
Reg Baker Victor Jordan
Harry Baker Donald Leitch
Adele Baker (nursing sister) *Sinclair Leitch
Alex Boyd Robert McGowan
Sydney Boyd A. McKean
Ronald S Brander James Walter Stewart McKee (doctor)
Stafford Brown * Reginald Donald Joshua McLean
Bruce Clements * Mertoun Mills
Robert Davie * Arthur James Mitchell
 Rod Davie William E Mitchell
Norman Freeland James Perritt
Arthur Gordon Harry Phillips
Temple Graham Leslie Frederick Purdon
George Hair Sydney Spence
Herbert Hair Arthur Stafford
Geoffrey Holmes * Stanley Stafford
Vincent Holmes George Seymour
* Cecil William Robert Howlett David Strang
Stan Howlett * Colin Leslie Thompson (Thomson)
Charles J Huxley * George Sydhral Yansen
Arthur Hyslop
* John Andreas (Jack) Yansen