Luddenham Honor Roll


Luddenham Honor Roll – Nepean Times 11 August 1917, p4 c3

Luddenham Methodist Church was packed to the doors on the occasion of the unveiling of the Honor Roll for the local heroes. The names on the Roll are those whose homes were in the postal area at the outbreak of the war, viz: Cecil W R Howlett, Stanley L Howlett, Henry G Forbes, Leslie G King, Richard A Haynes, George E White, Fred G Eaton, Sister A Morehead, Cecil B V Peck, Henry J King, Alfred G Roots, Reg J Adams, Reg W Haynes, George H Freeman, John John E Ahearn, Walter W Fuller, Frank G Fuller. Mr H N Whiteman, who occupied the pulpit, took as his text, “These are they who came out of great tribulation”; and, during his address, remarked that whatever opinion one had to the wisdom of our Nation entering this war, there could be only one view as to the action of our brave boys, viz, respect and admiration : they saw their country and loved ones in danger, and went forth to protect such – not counting their own lives dear to them. Mrs R Howlett (a native of Luddenham) and the mother of the first two recruits from there, one of whom had paid the great penalty) was then called upon to perform the chief function; she remarked that is was with joy, mingled with pain, that she performed this pleasing duty. The cord was then released which held the fine Union Jack (the gift of Luddenham Kent, England to the local school) and the Roll was uncovered, exhibiting splendid design and workmanship. Mr J Morehead (the father of the one sister on the Roll) thanked Mrs Howlett for unveiling the Roll; and Mr James Duncan of Bringelly, also addressed the assemblage. One of the main items of the proceedings was a duet by Mrs E Willmington and Miss Duncan “He who conquers wins a Crown,” and brought home to the listeners the position of those whose brave actions were being commemorated that day. The good erection of the Roll was due to the work of Mr F Emory.

Reg J Adams* Cecil W R Howlett
John E AhearnStanley L Howlett
Fred EatonHenry J King
G ForbesLesley G King
George E FreeburnSister Ada Morehead
Frank G Fuller*Cecil Bertram Valentine Peck
Walter W FullerAlfred G Roots
Reg W HaynesGeorge E White
Richard A Haynes

* Denotes Killed in Action