Proclamation of the Municipality of St Marys



March 3rd 1890
NEW SOUTH WALES to wit. Proclamation by His Excellency right Honourable CHARLES ROBERT BARON CARRINGTON, a Member of Her Majesty Most Honourable Privy Council Knight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony of New South Wales and its Dependencies.

WHEREAS the “Municipalities Act of 1867” the constitution of a Municipality provides for the constitution of a Municipality on receipt of a Petition signed by not fewer than fifty persons who would upon incorporation be liable to be assessed for Municipal taxes in respect of property or household ‘residence Within the area proposed to be so incorporated: And whereas a Petition, Signed by one hundred and thirty-eight persons liable to be so assessed upon such incorporation, has been received by the Governor praying for a Municipality, to be styled the “Municipal District of St. Marys”: And whereas the substance and prayer of such Petition have been duly published in the Government Gazette and otherwise, in accordance with the said Act: Now, therefore, I, CHARLES ROBERT, BARON CARRINGTON, the Governor aforesaid, in pursuance of the, provision of the said Act, and with the advice of the Executive Council, do, by this my Proclamation, declare that the area hereinafter described shall be and the same is hereby constituted a Municipality, under the hams and style of the “Municipal District of St. Mary’s,” viz:-

County of Cumberland, parishes of Londonderry, Rooty Hill Melville, and Claremont, area about 30 square miles: Commencing on the centre of the road from Camden to Richmond at its intersection with the westerly continuation of the

boundary dividing James Kerrahan’s 102, acres and J. P. Ryan’s 72 acres, parish of Londonderry; thence by a line and that boundary and by the northern boundaries of George Collisse’s 50 acres and Elizabeth King’s 610 acres, parish of Londonderry, and crossing South Creek,.by the northern boundary of Phillip King’s 610cres, parish of Rooty Hill, easterly to the centre of Rope’s Creek ; thence by a line along the centre of that creek upwards till it meets the easterly continuation of the south boundary of James Erskine’s 3,000 acres, parish of Melville; thence by a line partly forming that south boundary and crossing South Creek, by the south boundaries of Gregory BlaxIand’s 2,000 acres, H. Fulton’s 400 acres, and part of William Bradley’s 400 acres, parish of Claremont, westerly to the centre of the road from Camden to Richmond ; thence by a line along the centre of that road, which also forms the eastern boundary of the Municipal District of Penrith, proclaimed 13th May, 1871 northerly, to the point of commencement.

Given under my Hand and the Seal of the Colony, at Government House, Sydney, this third day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety, and in the fifty-third year of Her Majesty’s Reign.

By His Excellency’s Command,