Petition for the establishment of the Municipality of Penrith




Colonial Secretary’s Office,
Sydney, 18th July, 1860.


In pursuance of the Act of the Colonial Parliament, 22 Victoria, No. 13, His Excellency the Governor General, with the advice of the Executive Council, has directed the publication of the substance and prayer of a Petition addressed to His Excellency, as hereinafter set forth, signed by two hundred and fifty-two electors and householders of the Police District of Penrith, praying for the erection of their locality into a Municipality.


The Petitioners state that they are desirous of availing themselves of the provisions contained in the Act passed by the Legislature for establishing Municipalities throughout the Colony, whereby the management of their local affairs are conceded to them.

That the repairs of their Roads and Bridges is a work of paramount importance to the inhabitants of the District; and that the abatement of nuisances, and the maintenance and control of all matters appertaining to the well-being of the people, is a boon which they cannot estimate too highly.

That the District contains 5,000 inhabitants and the Petitioners pray as follows:-“That your Excellency will be graciously pleased to proclaim the Police District of Penrith a Municipality within the meaning of the Act.”

Geo. Thos. Clarke, J.P., Penrith
Jas. M’Carthy, J.P., Cram Brook, Penrith
James T. Ryan, of Emu Plains
Thos. Busick Haylock, J.P., Penrith
Joseph D Single, J.P., Castlereagh
H. Fraser, Castlereagh
William Allen, Castlereagh
W. H. Miles, Penrith
Samuel M’Crae, Emu Plains
Saml. Crosby, Penrith
Thomas Shakespeare, Penrith
John Fisher, Lower Nepean
E. M’Beath, Emu Plains
T. A. Salmon, Penrith
Williarn Lucas, Emu Plains
Chas. Murray, Penrith
William Wood
George Jordon, Penrith
Edward Walker, Castlereagh
George Taylor, Castlereagh
Chas. Cathcart. Penrith
Thos. Boland, Springwood Hotel
Jesse Upton, Castlereagh
John Denson, Emu
Daniel Upton, Emu Plains
Henry Bennett, Emu Plains
James Cane, Emu Plains
Francis Peisley, Emu Plains
Measland Larnrock, Penrith
John Wm. Colless, Emu Plains
Henry York, Emu Plains
A. Myers, Emu Plains
Thomas Druitt, Castlereagh
George Neale, Penrith
Samuel Byrnes, Castlereagh
Michael Landers, Castlereagh
Alexander Shiels, Castlereagh
Peter Gilligan, Castlereagh
Thomas Bailey, Castlereagh
Richard Stapleton, Castlereagh
John Shiels, Castlereagh
Williain Shields, Castlereagh
Robert Shiels, Castlereagh
Michael Long, Castlereagh
Michael Kinchela, Castlereagh
Robert Hattly, Castlereagh
John Reddan
John Lees, Castlereagh
Patrick Colton, Castlereagh
John Johnston, Castlereagh
Thomas Rope, Penrith
James Drake, Penrith
Edgar Fuller, Castlereagh
Josh. Herbert, Castlereagh
James Herbert, Castlereagh
Lawrence Berigan, Castlereagh
John Parker, senr., Castlereagh
James Parsons, Castlereagh
Robert Bayley, Castlereagh
John Brown, Penrith
John Byrnes, Penrith
Thos. Shelton, Penrith
Thomas Vaux, Mount Pleasant
Chas. Hadley, Castlereagh
William Blanchfield, Castlereagh
John Colless, Penrith
Joseph Allen, Penrith.
John Jackson, Castlereagh
Josiah Workman, Penrith
George Field, Castlereagh
John Greenhalgh, Nepean
William Gale, Nepean
Jos. Druitt,. Nepean :
Peter Howell Nepean
Thos. Rushton, Nepean
Thos. Twibble, Nepean
William Wheatley, Penrith
John Ryan, Emu Plains
William Field
Richard Childs, Castlereagh
James Willmott, Castlereagh
Richd. Appledore, Castlereagh
John Burrell, Nepean
Jas. Burrell, Nepean
Charles Barlow, Nepean
Francis Brownlow, Nepean
William Colless, Nepean
Wm. Joseph Dwyer, Nepean
Thos. Castledine, Nepean
Daniel Desmond, Nepean
Samuel Capps; Nepean
John Eraser, Castlereagh
John Dawes, Castlereagh,
William Dawes, Castlereagh
William Gilligan, Castlereagh
Peter Forcet, Castlereagh
Robt. Chapman, Castlereagh
William Amsen, Castlereagh
Stephen Fletcher, Castlereagh
James Higgs, Castlereagh
C. W. Single, Castlereagh
Edwin Jones, Castlereagh
Alex. Johnston, Castlereagh
James Lewis, Castlereagh
Edward Lewis, Castlereagh
Alexr. Laing, Castlereagh
Joseph Mills, Castlereagh
Peter Clark, Castlereagh
Martin Kinsela Castlereagh
Edward Wenlock, Castlereagh
William Rowley, Castlereagh
Chas. Parker, Castlereagh
Henry Peckham, Castlereagh
William Robertson, Castlereagh
Wm. Rolleston, Castlereagh

Henry Wm. Purcell, Castlereagh
David Parsons, Castlereagh.
Thomas Nielson, Castlereagh.
Geo. Mortimer, Castlereagh
William Brown
Edwin Ryan, Penrith
James Manganson
Thomas Andrews, Penrith,
James Landers, sen. St. Mary’s
John Hammond, Penrith
G. Kendall, Penrith
A. Summers, Penrith.
M. Duckett, Penrith
Joseph Hood Lea, Penrith
Patrick Mahony, Penrith
William Hayward, Penrith
D. Murray, Penrith
John M’Cready, Penrith
John Gregory, Penrith
Robt. Ashton
Samuel Fisher, Penrith
William Wallis, Penrith
Robert Stuart, Mount Pleasant
Gee. Hope, St. Mary’s
James Young, St. Mary’s
Samuel Thompson, St. Mary’s
Jas. Bennett, St. Mary’s
Thomas Gilby, St. Mary’s
Thomas Harford, St. Mary’s
R. J. Cavanagh, Penrith
James Brown, Penrith
James Byrnes Mount Pleasant
Samuel Proctor, St. Mary’s
Ablun. Ledard, St. Mary’s
James Goldrick, Penrith
John Walker, St. Mary’s
Charles Hannington, St. Mary’s
John Wildey, Penrith
Bernard M’Graw, Penrith
Geo. Metcalf, Penrith
Hodgson Allen, Penrith
James Clarkson, Penrith
Richd. Uooper, Penrith
DanL Dolan, Penrith
Edward Dorrington, Penrith
George Haines, Penrith
Con. Lees, Penrith
Andw. M’Knight, Penrith
Wm. Dowling, Penrith
Edward Hogan, Nepean
Jas. Evans, Nepean
Henry Peckum, Nepean
Wm. Beacroft, St. Mary’s
John Gallagher, Nepean
John Brown, Nepean
Joseph Staunton, Nepean
Henry Hall, Emu
John Parkinson, Rooty Hill
Henry Bellfield, Penrith
Nath. Norval, Penrith
Saral. Crobie, Penrith
Wm. Cooper, Castlereagh
James Parsons, Castlereagh
Thomas O’Connor
William Greenhalgh
Thomas Hobby, Castlereagh
Jesse Upton Junior, Castlereagh
Cornelius Lees, Castlereagh
James Lamrock, Castlereagh
John Parker junr, Castlereagh
Henry Parker, Castlereagh
Edward Purcell, Castlereagh
David Parker, Castlereagh
Charles Colless, Castlereagh
James Evans, Castlereagh
James Hardwick, Castlereagh
Wm. Batton, Castlereagh,
Richd. Reese, Castlereagh,
Robert Burt, Castlereagh
Joseph Lee, Castlereagh
Jno. Parsons, Castlereagh
Jos. Smith, Castlereagh
Isaac Bates, Castlereagh
John Moore, Castlereagh
Donald Beatson, Penrith.
Thormas Ryan, Penrith
George Dent, Penrith
George Jordan, Penrith
James Drake, Penrith
William Shelton, Penrith
Edwin Titterton, Penrith
Josiah Workman, Penrith
Robert Holt, Penrith
John M’Laughlen, Penrith
Edward Heavey, Penrith
Andrew Heavey, Penrith
Peter Wyche, Penrith
Jos. Mills, Penrith
John Keegan, Penrith
Benjamin Cooper, Penrith
Ralph Wash, Penrith
Everitt Simmons, Penrith
William Boyle, Penrith
William. Dawe, Penrith
James Wild, Penith
Jas. Hargraves, Penrith
Thomas Cummins, Penrith
Henry Potter, Penrith
Francis Feisley, Penrith
William Randall, Penfith
Wm Bruce, Penrith
H. Wilson, Penrith
Wm. Simpson, Penrith
Charles Gilbert, Penrith
Richard Vine, Penrith
R. Owen Stapleton, Penrith
John Fraser, Nepean
Patrick Clark, Nepean
Matth. Buckley, Nepean
Edward Lewis, Penrith
Samuel Stokes, Penrith
Thomas Hobby, Castlereagh
Jesse Upton, junn, Castlereagh
Cornelius Lees, Castlereagh
James Lamrock,
Michael Reid, Penrith
Wm. Taylor, Penrith
James Blowes, Penrith
John Shaw, Penrith
Chas. J. Price, Penrith
Edwd. Lincoln, St. Mary’s
Chas. Johns, Nepean
Walter Jones, Nepean
Michl. Landers, Castlereagh
Wm. Chapman, Castlereagh
Jas. Gould, Castlereagh
John Garvan, Castlereagh
Wm. Hubbard, Castlereagh
Patk Heffernan, Castlereagh
Matth. Hogan, Nepean
James Moore, Nepean
George Nash, South Creek


Printed and published by Thomas Richards, Government Printer, Phillip Street,
20th July, 1860.