A short history of Mulgoa Municipal Council

In 1893 a petition was received by the Government from residents of Mulgoa, then part of the Penrith Municipality, asking for a separate council. The Government, led by the Premier George R. Dibbs, proclaimed the Municipality of Mulgoa on 26 July 1893. Click here to see the proclamation which also defines the boundaries. The first election of Aldermen and Auditors was announced in the Government Gazette on 30 August 1893, to be held at noon on 19 September at Mulgoa Hall. 6 councillors were elected:

  • George Chapman
  • Charles Jesse Harrison
  • William Mills
  • Joseph Outridge
  • Arthur Winbourne Stephen (Mayor)
  • Ely James Turnbull

From 1894 until 1908, there was a rotating election of councillors with two councillors being elected each year to serve three year terms. In 1908, after changes to the Local Government Act, elections were then held on a triennial basis.

In 1912, a petition, asking for the municipality’s inclusion in the Nepean Shire was signed by a large proportion of the ratepayers in the Mulgoa Municipality and presented to the Minister of Public Works. An enquiry, held in late 1912, gave ratepayers from the Nepean Shire and Mulgoa Municipality the opportunity to discuss the proposal. The enquiry found that most were in favour of the amalgamation and on 17 June 1913, a conference was held between the two local government bodies. After discussion, it was finally agreed by the councillors of the shire to accept the inclusion and take over the assets and liabilities of the municipality. The solicitors for the Shire of Nepean and Mulgoa Municipality were instructed to prepare the necessary agreement for the signature, and submit the draft for the minister’s approval. The last meeting of the Mulgoa Municipality was held on 27 June 1913 attended by:

  • Alderman John Adams (Mayor)
  • Alderman Richard Beindge Baynes
  • Alderman Alfred James Blaikie
  • Alderman John Fowler
  • Ely James Turnbull (Town Clerk)

The Municipality of Mulgoa was absorbed into the Shire of Nepean as “A”Riding and the first meeting of the enlarged shire was held on 9 July 1913. “A”Riding of the Shire of Nepean was later absorbed into Penrith Council on 1 January 1949.