Llandilo Roll of Honor

llandilo roll of honor

NT 26 may 1917Nepean Times 26 May 1917, p6 c6

Llandilo: Roll of Honor: On Saturday afternoon last all Llandilo turned up at the Public School to do honor to the brave young men of the district who had cast their home and dear ones behind them and gone to do their duty at their country’s call. There was no failing of duty on Saturday, and everyone young and old, who could possibly get there, put in an appearance, and the small school house proved unable to hold the large concourse of assembled friends and relatives of the points at the Front. The visitors were also numerous. Mr Brinsley Hall, the late Member for the district in the State Parliament, and who was entrusted with the duty of unveiling the Honor Roll, was there, accompanied by Mr Keegan of Richmond. The Mayor of Castlereagh (Ald Shields) and Ald Landers were there to represent the local council; and a highly popular visitor was the former Rector of the Parish, Rev Harry R A Wilson, now in charge of the Kogarah Parish. Mr Wilson had a number of the young men, whose names were on the Honor Roll, under his spiritual care when in charge of the Parish, and he was welcomed by his old parishioners.

Punctually at 2 o’clock, Mr F J Fitzpatrick, the local school teacher, gathered the people together, and told them that they were there for the purpose of doing honor to and perpetuating the fact that a number of the young men of the district had given up all and gone off to serve their King and Country at the front of the great war now being prosecuted in Europe. The Roll, as it would appear that day, was not quite complete, and two more names were yet to be added of boys who had attended the school – Messrs Single and Roy Arnold. He then called upon Mr Hall to perform the ceremony of the day.

Mr Hall, who was received with applause, said he felt it a great honor to be called upon to unveil the Roll of Honor to the young men of the district who had given up their homes and living here to go to the war, with the possibility of sacrificing their lives, so that we might remain here in peace, comfort and security. And when we read of the heroic deeds these young men were doing at the seat of war, it behoved us to do all we could to recognise the great sacrifice that they have made. Some people at the opening of the war belittled the idea that the few men we could send were but a drop in the ocean; but the record of the way our mean had done their duty justified everything that had been done by Australian in this great war. He felt, therefore, it was a great honor for him to be called upon to perform the ceremony. Mr Hall then detached the flag from the roll, which was as follows:-

Llandilo Roll of Honor

The Llandilo Roll of Honor is located at the Llandilo Public School Museum, 7th Avenue Llandilo NSW.

The Roll of Honor is inscribed with the following:

“For King and Country”

E H Beacroft R F H Jackson
S P BrownJ Jones
* James David CookCharles Percy Ongley
J EastH Ransley
C GeogheganThomas Harold Ransley
E H GeogheganWilliam Shadlow Ransley
William James GeogheganChaplin Keith Stewart Cresswell Single
E K JacksonG R Thomson
* Kenneth Halstead JacksonW B Thorburn

*denotes killed during war