Plan of St Marys

Plan of St Marys showing the location of industrial sites predating 1914

St Marys Industry map

x South Creek Park
: South Creek Corridor
1 Page’s Tannery
2 Brell’s Tannery
3 Webb’s Tannery
4 Thompson’s Tannery
4A Mimosa
5 Paskin’s Tannery
6 Samuel Thompson’s Tannery
7 Desborough’s Tannery
8 Sawmills
9 James Bennett’s Coach and Waggon Works
9A Bronte
10 George Bennett’s Coach and Waggon Works
11 Fleming’s Brickyard
12 William Thompson’s Brickyard
13 Mitchell’s Brickyard
14 Railway Cattle Saleyards
15 Newmarket Saleyards
* Workingmen’s Cottages

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