William Draper – 1856

William Draper followed, 10 March 1856 being listed as his official appointment. His cottage, which became the Post Office, was on the south side of the Great Western Road, at a short distance west of “Byrne’s Bridge.” (1) At the same time he carried out a business as a Tailor and Outfitter, and had a fruit stall under the verandah. (2) William Draper was the father of Larry Draper whose article is quoted about Bill Woodland. (3) Reminiscing about the 1850s Mr Charker who was assistant Postmaster in the late 1880s, recalled that letters came by coach with Tom Symonds, who drove from Sydney to Penrith. “Mail came through every day, unless the coach was bogged.” (4) The main road in those days was only a bullock track. Victoria Park was all bush and nearby they used to still go possum shooting. (5)


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