The History of the City of Penrith


Originally Compiled by Fox & Associates, Architects/Planners
for the Heritage Study of the City of Penrith (1987)

Edited by Lorraine Stacker & Owen Richards

During the past two hundred years, the Penrith landscape has undergone great transformations, passing through the various phases of development. Each of these caused modifications, with the first phase of settlement and clearing, and the last, of widespread urbanisation having the greatest impact.

Penrith City History – By phases

Penrith City History by themes helps to explain the pattern of European settlement within the City of Penrith.

A Million Years Ago: The Geological Formation of the Lower Nepean River between Wallacia and the Grose River.
The Early Land Alienation Pattern: The pattern of early land settlement.
The Push Westward: The history of road and transport through Penrith and over the Blue Mountains.
The Nepean River: History of the way in which the river shaped the development of the City of Penrith.
The Large Estates: Their Influence on Development.
Town Foundation: Early Town Plans and Subsequent Speculative Subdivision.
Population Growth 1828-1986: An historical perspective.
Industrial Traditions: A history of industrial activity within the City of Penrith.
Post War Urban Expansion: