St Marys Public School Jubilee 1927

St Marys, South Creek, Jubilee

July 9, 1927.

(Composed and Dedicated by J M Sainsbury)

There’s a schoolhouse in a valley,
Built just fifty years ago,
Where we struggled with our learning,
Some were brilliant, some were slow.

Of the scholars of those old days
(Over thirty years have passed),
Some are leading in life’s struggle,
Others still are running last

Yes, some have gained the highest honors,
Some with fame, walk hand in hand,
But the plodders till are plodding, –
I’m a member of that band.

To those who gained high recognition,
And whose names are linked with fame,
Not an old boy grudges credit,
For we know they played the game.

Here once more we meet together,
Tho! many years have rolled between,
Since at break-up blended voices
Harmonised “God Save the Queen.

So let the year roll from our shoulders,
And let memory hold its sway,
In the shadow of the schoolhouse,
Fancy free the old games play.

But a duty yet remaineth
As our Fancy plays the fool,
Charge your glasses, all you old boys,
Drink in bumpers to the school

From Nepean Times, 16 July 1927, p 7