150 Years of Local Government in Penrith

In 1871, Penrith was declared a municipality and a council of locally elected representatives formed. 2021 marks 150 years since this historic beginning. The very first Council meeting took place on the morning of 18 July 1871 and the local undertaker John Price was appointed clerk, thus becoming Council’s first employee. The first Council comprised local businessmen, storekeepers, publicans and farmers. Just 19 years later Penrith became the third town in New South Wales and the first in the Sydney region to make use of electric lighting.

By 1890 St Marys was proclaimed a municipality, followed by Mulgoa in 1893 and Castlereagh in 1895. These municipalities would eventually join with Penrith to form a new and larger municipality in 1949. By October 1959 the municipality of Penrith was declared a city and in 1963 Emu Plains was transferred from Blue Mountains City Council to Penrith City Council.

As part of the celebration the Library has gathered together 3 cabinets of historic artefacts and information – you can view the display anytime during library opening hours.

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