Noble work recognised: Penrith City Library remembers the Great War

Mertoun Mills

Save the date – 21 November 2018

Time:  6pm for 6.30pm

Supper on arrival

An evening of reflection to mark the end of the Great War 100 years ago. The evening will be filled with information sharing, remembrance and storytelling. This special evening event will be our way to pay tribute to the five years of service to our country by our local men and women.

The evening will include:

*         Talk by Steven Ford on researching our family’s military history

*         Talk by Lorraine Stacker, Penrith Librarian and the presentation

of the final (1918) Our Fallen booklet to those present. Lorraine will also launch the Library’s publication project Noble work recognised: the City of Penrith remembers the Great War. This publication will be launched October 2019 and will include the biographies of our fallen soldiers, the biographies of our local nurses who served in the war, selected biographies of those who returned, histories of local honor rolls and war memorials and soldier settlements.

*         Talk by Dr Penny Stannard, NSW State Archives Senior Exhibitions

Curator on the Windows into Wartime exhibition that will be in Penrith Library from 24 October to 30 November

A special evening not to be missed. Tickets ($5) will go on sale from 22 October – so save the date.

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