UNSW’s Short course in Managing Historical Documents



The UNSW Short Course in Managing Historical Documents, which will be offered over two consecutive weeks from Monday 5th November to Friday 16th November, 2018, through the School of Humanities and Languages at the University of NSW, will be of interest to persons who are responsible for the care, control, custody and management of archives and historical documents in schools and colleges, local public libraries, community organisations, hospitals, religious congregations, museums and historical societies.

Stage 1 (Week 1) of the Short Course will be conducted in the Morven Brown Building at the School of Humanities and Languages on the Kensington Campus of the University of NSW, during which four visits will be made to archival institutions in the Sydney Metropolitan Area with the aim of illustrating the theoretical principles underpinning the work of the professional Archivist in controlling archives and historical records as applied in a variety of archival contexts.

Stage 2 (Week 2) of the Course will comprise an Archives Field Practicum of five days’ duration at the Seymour Centre, the performing arts centre of the University of Sydney, where participants will undertake the identification, differentiation, arrangement and description of the archives of the Seymour Centre, and compile an inventory of the archives of the Centre for the University of Sydney Archives and for the Seymour Centre. The Short Course is of particular relevance to Local Studies Librarians who are responsible for the management of Local Government Council Archives and collections of personal papers and the archives of community organisations.

The Application Form and details about the Short Course can be found at the following url: https://hal.arts.unsw.edu.au/events/managing-historical-documents-short-course-2018/

For enquiries about the content of the Short Course in Managing Historical Documents for 2018contact:

Dr Peter Orlovich
Visiting Fellow
School of Humanities & Languages
University of NSW
Telephone: 9587 0377
Email: peter@peterorlovich.net


Note from Penrith City Library

I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in finding the best solution for archiving to all of those pieces of paper, documents, ephemera, photographs etc. I completed this course many years ago and I am still benefiting from it, at work and at home.

Lorraine Stacker
Library Research Services Supervisor
Penrith City Library

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