Adam “Scotty” Denholm – Local police officer turned Skippy trainer

police pic

Second Emu Plains Police Station

The second Emu Plains Police Station was built in 1908 and was used up until 1921, when the resident police officer Constable Samuel McLean retired. Following his retirement a decision was made not to appoint another police officer at Emu Plains, however the house was still used as a residence for police officers. One of the most interesting officers who lived there was Adam ‘Scotty’ Denholm who started up the Dog Training Unit with NSW Police training dogs for tracking. He continued this work while living at Emu Plains and in fact the kennels were moved to Penrith occupying some of the site the Civic Centre is on now. He was a bit of a media star and his first dog Tessa was preserved by a taxidermist and is now in the Police Museum in the city. Scotty Denholm left Penrith and went on to train all the kangaroos for the Skippy series.


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